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::  Sahlan Momo, Squint Dreams & Radical Lore. Collected Wisdom. (The Hague, 2015, ISBN 9788877781468).
A collection of writing of the Founder of the Foundation, first appeared as Editorials of the Spanda Journal.
D o w n l o a d   y o u r   f r e e   c o p y.

Squint Dreams

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S  P A N D A    J O U R N A L
International   Journal  of  the  Spanda  Foundation
Open Access semi-annual peer-reviewed journal   ::   ISSN 2210-2175

Editor-in-Chief, Sahlan Momo  (II, 4. 2008  —)


Vol. VII, 1, 2017   Collective Enlightenment [6MB]

~ Editorial - Sahlan Momo, Benighted, Enlightened, and Delighted: V-IX.
~ Joanna Macy, Learning to See in the Darkness Amid Catastrophe: XI-XII.
~ Ervin László, The Evolution of our Consciousness Is the Enlightenment of Humanity: 1-3.
~ Duane Elgin, Humanity’s Journey Home: We are Learning to Live in a Living Universe: 5-13.
~ George Pór, On the Verge of Collective Awakening: 15-30.
~ Peter Russell, Blind Spot: The Unforeseen End of Accelerating Change: 31-42.
~ Deepak Chopra, A Critical Issue: What to do When Darkness Rises?: 43-44.
~ Tom Atlee – Rosa Zubizarreta, The Embodiment of Wholeness in our Social Order: Our Evolutionary Challenge as Humans: 45-55.
~ Terri O’Fallon, The Integration of Awareness with the Individual and the Collective: 57-62.
~ Allan Combs, Collective Enlightenment: 63-67.
~ Richard Barrett, The Ego-Soul Dynamics of Enlightenment: 69-74.
~ Thomas Hübl – Julie Jordan Avritt, Toward the Integration of Collective Trauma in a Time of Exponential Change: 75-83.
~ Michel Bauwens – Edward Berge, Collective Enlightenment through Postmetaphysical Eyes: 85-92.
~ Zachary Stein – Marc Gafni, The Apocalypse of the Modern World-System  & Related Possibilities for Democratizing Enlightenment: 93-101.
~ Mariya K. Karagyozova, Collective Enlightenment – The Ascent: 103-106.
~ John E. Stewart, Enlightenment and the Evolution of the Material World: 107-114.
~ Fred Matser, My Process of De-veloping Awareness: From a Finite Understanding towards Glimpses of Infinity: 115-122.
~ Gregory Wilpert, Consciousness for the Post-Capitalist Commons: A Developmental Psychological Perspective: 123-130.
~ Roger D. Nelson, Shifting Global Consciousness to Global Awareness: 131-136.
~ Eric Reynolds, Next Stage Organizations: 137-145.
~ Alfonso Montuori, The Evolution of Creativity and the Creativity of Evolution: 147-158.
~ Geoff Fitch, Truthfulness and Collective Enlightenment: 159-163.
~ Charles Johnston, Bringing Wisdom to the Future – Creative Systems Theory’s Concept of “Cultural Maturity”: 165-174.
~ Jim Rough, The ToBe Project. How to Facilitate All of us to Come Together as We The People: 175-182.
~ Bruce H. Lipton, An Introduction to Conscious Evolution: a Theory we Can Thrive with: 183-192.
Abstracts: 193-199.
Index by Authors, Vols. I-VII: 201-204.

Vol. VI, 2, 2015   Creativity & Collective Enlightenment [2,7MB]

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, Mesocreativity | Pages V-VII.
~ Charles Tart, Enlightenment and Creativity: Grappling with the Angel/Davil of "Non-Duality"| Pages 1-7.
~ Rosa Zubizarreta, Participatory Public Microcosm: Diversity and Empathy as Gerators of Creative Wholeness | Pages 9-17.
~ Gerard J. Puccio, Democratizing Creativity: How Creative Thinking Contributes to Individual, Oragnizational and Societal Success | Pages 19-26
~ Monica Edwards-Schachter, On the Interrelationships between Creativity, Learning and Social Innovation | Pages 27-34.
~ Louise Sunderarjan, Indigenizing Creativity: A Creative Solution to Orientalism in Cross-Cultural Psychology | Pages 35-40.
~ Stanislav Panin, Notion of Evolution and Enlightenment in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Esoteric Literature | Pages 41-45.
~ Paul von Ward, Collective and Evolving Human Consciousness | Pages 47-49.
~ Steve Mcintosh, Toward a Method for Evolving Consciousness | Pages 51-58.
~ Pierre Lévy, Innovation in Coding | Pages 59-66
~ Abstracts :: Summaries | Pages 67-70.

Vol. VI, 1, 2015   Systemic Change [11,300KB]

~ Guest Editorial | Helene Finidori, Systemic Change | Pages V-XI
~ Rasigan Maharajh, The Metabolic Rift. Anachronistic Institutions and the Anthropocene | Pages 1-10.
~ Christiaan Weiler, The Return of the Real Space: Co-Authoring Space Planning for Community Resiliance | Pages 11-20.

~ Michel Bauwens, P2P Revolution and Commons Phase Transition. Notes on the Nature of the Revolution in the P2P Commons Epoch | Pages 21-24.
~ Robert C. Smith, Crisis, Social Transformation and the Frankfurt School: Toward a critical Social System Theory and the Alterntive Philosophy of the Systemic Change | Pages 25-33.

~ Anthony Judge, Requisite Meta-Reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change? Fiat, Fatwa and World Making in a Period of Existential Radicalisation | Pages 35-42.
~ Douglas Schuler, How we May Think - The Next Chapter, Civic Intelligence and Metacognition | Pages 43-52.

~ Jack Harich, Solving Difficult Large-Scale Social System Problems with Root Cause Analysis | Pages 53-66.
~ Joe Brewer, Tools for Culture Design - Toward a Science of Social Change? | Pages 67-73.

~ Bernard Stiegler, System and Technics | Pages 75-81.
~ Simone Cicero, On the Role of Platform Based Peer Production and the Commons in the Dynamic of Innovation | Pages 83-90
~ Brett Scott, | Open Source Finance Hacking: The Potentials and Problems | Pages 91-99.
~ Jenny Quillien, Parsing Systemic Change | Pages 101-109.

~ Ashwani Vasishth, Reconceptualizing Systemic Change Using an Ecosystem Approach from process-Function Ecology | Pages 111-118.
~ William E. Smith, Making the Invisible Visible. The Dynamic Interplay between Purpose, Power and Leadership in Organizing Complexity | Pages 119-128.
~ Carol Sanford, Language as Clue: The Effect of Paradigms in Creating Systemic Change in Business | Pages 129-135.
~ Denis Postle, Systemic Change: The Role of 'Creativity Style' | Pages 137-145.

~ Mimi Stokes-Katzenbach, Ensemble of Dramatic Systemic Change from Planetary Tragedy to Global Thriving in Three Stages | Pages 147-154.
~ Michelle Holliday ~ Michael Jones, Living Systems. Theory and Practice of Stewarding Change | Pages 155-163.

~ Alexander Laszlo, Living Systems, Seeing Systems, Being Systems: Learning to be the System we Wish to See in the World | Pages 165-173.
~ Laurence J. Victor, Uplifting Humankind to Create Humanity via Social Metamorphosis | Pages 175-183.
~ Tom Atlee, Conversation in the Conscious Evolution of Social Systems | Pages 185-193.
~ Lilian Ricaud, Permaculture Patterning, a Design Framework for Systemic Transformation | Pages 195-203.

~ The Plast Collective, Pattern Languages for Systemic Transformation | Pages 205-218.
~ Abstracts :: Summaries | Pages 219-227

Vol. V, 2, 2014   Collective Intelligence [5700KB]

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, Mesoteric Intelligence & Collective Serendipity | Pages V-XI
~ Ervin Laszlo, The One Mind in the Cosmos and its Manifestation in our Consciousness | Pages 1-4.
~ Tom Atlee, The Role of Collective Intelligence in the Wise Democracy Needed for Humanity's Survival | Pages 5-16.
~ Pierre Lévy, The Philosophical Concept of Algorithmic Intelligence | Pages 17-25.
~ Stanislav Grof, Archetyps, Mythic Imagination and Modern Society: the Re-enanchment of the World | Pages: 27-37.
~ George Pór, From Right Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience: Signposts to the Later Stage of our Evolutionary Journey | Pages 39-49.
~ Francis Heylighen, Cahllenge Propagation: Towards a Theory of Distributed Intelligence and the Global Brain | Pages 51-63.
~ Charles Eisenstein, Qualitative Dimesnsion of Collective Intelligence: Intention, Wisdom, and Soul | Pages 65-69.
~ Derrick de Kerckhove, Connective or Collective? The Case for Precision in Terminology | Pages 71-77.
~ Helene Finidori, Collective Intelligence is a Commons that Needs Protection and a Dedicaed Language | Pages 79-89.
~ Terri O'Fallon, Venita Ramirez, Geoff Fitch, Colletive Intelligence | Pages 91-95.
~ Norman Lee Johnson, The Applied Science of Collective Intelligence: Solving the Grand Challenges Facing Humanity | Pages 97-107.
~ Jim Rough, The Circle: Structuring for Collective Intelligence | Pages 109-113.
~ Adebayo Akomolafe, The Tree Still Speak: the Collective Intelligence of the Natural World | Pages 115-118.
~ Craig Hamilton, Collective Intelligence and the Evoluion of Self and Culture | Pages 119-126.
~ Robert D. Steele, Applied Collective Intelligence: Human-centric Holistic Aanalytics, True Cost Economics and Open Everything | Pages 127-137.
~ Ashok Gangadean, Awakening Collective Global Intelligence: the Power of Deep Dialogue | Pages 139-147.
~ Amit Goswami, Love and the Awakening of the Heart Centre | Pages 149-152.
~ Arthur Colman, Pilar Montero, The New Longetivity | Pages 153-162
~ Abstracts :: Summaries | Pages 163-170.

Vol. V, 1, 2014   Innovation & Human Development [4900KB]

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, A Run-up Towards the Impossible Turning Possible | Pages V-XI
~ Michel Bauwens, The Open-Commos Based Knowledge Society as a New Configuration between State, Civil Society and the Market | Pages 1-3.
~ Helene Finidori, An Ecology for Transformative Action Awaiting to be Discovered| Pages 5-14.
~ Andreas Wittel, On the Future Development of the Digital Commons and the Need for Global Basic Income | Pages 15-24.
~ Jean M. Russell, The Social Era: The Rise of Thrivibility in Organizational Design | Pages: 25-31.
~ Stephan A. Schwartz, The Creative Pattern, Nonlocal Consciousness, and Social Change | Pages 33-44.
~ Adebayo Akomolafe, The Ptromise of Promethean Darkness: How a 'New' Politics of Astonishment is Weaving a Global Alliance for the Possible | Pages 45-50.
~ Uffe Elbaek, Alternativet: An Innovative Political Platform | Pages 51-54.
~ Elza M. Maalouf, Functional Democracy: A New Paradigm in Geopolitics in the Middle East | Pages 55-64.
~ Alessandro Colombo, The Relativity of Innovation | Pages 65-68.
~ Andrew Gavin Marshall, Voices of Access: The Paople Foundation | Pages 69-80.
~ Rick McKenny, Micro-Projects in a Macro World: Hoe to Ensure Non-profit International Development Projects Succeed Where Other Fail | Pages 81-88.
~ Jurnan Goos, Lila. A Virtual Edugame for the Development Community | Pages 89-93.
~ Abstracts :: Summaries | Pages 95-100.

Vol. IV, 1, 2013   Anarchy & Nonprofit. An Emerging Affair  [2500KB] download   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, Mesoeconomy and the Clean Code | Pages V-XII
~ David Goodway, Not Protest but Direct Action: Anarchism Past and Present | Pages 1-6.
~ Noam Chomsky, The Kind of Anarchism I Believe in, and What's Wrong with Libertarians | Pages 7-10.
~ Greame Chesters, Exodus: From Global Civil Society to Radical Disobedience | Pages 11-20.
~ Simon Critchley, Infinitely Demanding | Pages: 20-24.
~ Christopher J. Coyne ~ Abigail R. Hall, Anarchy, Philanthropy, and the Provision of Public Goods in a Free Society | Pages 25-36.
~ Burkhard Gnärig, Turning Challenges into Opportunities. Key Elements of an ICSO Change Agenda | Pages 31-34.
~ Scott Turner, The Non-Government Alternative: Anarchist Theory and Global Civil Society | Pages 35-40.
~ Carl Milofsky ~ Berhanu Nega, Stable Anarchy ans the Persistence of Civil Society Organizations in Ethiopia | Pages 41-52.
~ Andrew Gavin Marshall, An Anarchistic Understanding of the Social Order: Environmental Degradation, Indigenous Resistance, and a Place for the Sciences | Pages 53-67.
~ Thomas H. Greco Jr., People-Centered Adjustment: Transcending the Debt Crisis and Creating a Future of Abundance, Freedom, and Global Harmony | Pages 69-75.
~ Abstracts :: Summaries | Pages 77-80.

Vol. III, 1. 2012   Consciousness & Development 2.0  [7660KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, The Mesoteric Leap | Pages V-XII
~ Stanislav Grof, 2012 and Human Destiny: End of the World or Consciousness Revolution? | Pages 1-12.
~ Robert Augustus Masters, The Anatomy of Intuition: The Everyday Transmission of Nonconceptual Knowingness | Pages 13-16.
~ Amit Goswami, Inner Creativity: A New Paradigm for Adult Spiritual Development | Pages: 17-28.
~ Ashok K. Gangadean, Spiritual Transformations as the wakening of Global Consciousness: a Dimensional Shift in the Technology of Mind | Pages 29-35.
~ Erwin Laszlo, Two Ways of Knowing the World: Discovering the Reality of Non-sensory Perception | Pages 37-39.
~ Roger Nelson, Global Consciousness. Evidence for an Emergent Noosphere | Pages 41-49.
~ Terry Patten, Integral Spiritual Practice: Becoming the Ones We Have Been Waiting For | Pages 51-57.
~ Dana Tomasino, Heart Intelligence and Emotional Evolution: A Next Step in Consciousness Development | Pages 57-64.
~ Paul von Ward, Worldviews and Evolution ofHuman Consciousness | Pages 65-73.
~ Gail Hochachka, Engaging the Play of Consciousness in Sustainable Development | Pages 75-82.
~ Rollin McCraty ~ Annette Deyhle, Coherence as a Catalyst for Personal, Social and Global Health, and the role of the Global Coherence Initiative | Pages 83-95.
~ Terri O'Fallon, Development and Consciousness: Growing up is Waking up | Pages 97-103.
~ Fred Alan Wolf, How to Identify with the Creator of the Universe | Pages 105-111.
~ Toru Sato, The Descent and Ascent Upon the Ladder of Consciousness | Pages 113-116.
~ Geoff Fitch, Evolutionary Ethics | Pages 117-122.
~ Riane Eisler, Breakdown or Breakthrough: Culture, Consciousness, and Human Development | Pages 123-130.
~ Marc Gafni, The Future of the Holy: From Sex to Eros | Pages 131-139.
~ Andrew Cohen, The Evolution of Enlightenment | Pages 141-146.
~ Allan Combs, Coyote Enlightenment. A Story of Evolutionary Spirituality | Pages 147-156.
~ Jeffrey Eisen, Clearing the Holosentience and Level II Enlightenment | Pages 157-162.
~ Matthjis Cornelissen, Consciousness, Knowledge and the Future of Humanity: A miniature Overview based on the work of Sri Aurobindo | Pages 163-171.
~ Christopher M. Bache, Teaching in the New Paradigm | Pages 173-179.
~ Michael D. Austin, Dreaming Earth | Pages 181-195.
~ Raymond Trevor Bradley, Nonlocal, Consciousness, and the Eye of Love | Pages 193-205.
~ Walter Baets, Consciousness and Coherence in Corporate Success | Pages 207-212.
~ Christian de Quincey, Embodied Mastery: Using Philosophy to Improve Performance in the Martial Art of Everyday Life | Pages 213-217.
~ Peter Gareth Wallace ~ Dennis P. Heaton, A Consciousness-based Approach to Eliminating Poverty | Pages 219-225.
~ John Renesh, The Conscious Organization: Workplace for the Self-actualized | Pages 227-230.
~ Venita L. Ramirez, Love, Consciousness & Evolution | Pages 231-239.
~ Marilyn Schiltz, Emerging Worldviews: Tools of Transformation for Noetic Leadership | Pages 241-245.
~ Angela Browne-Miller, Survival Instructions: Consciously Adapting and Enhancing Human Consciousness | Pages 247-257.
~ Christopher Hughton Budd, The Labyrinth of Finance: Consciousness and Money | Pages 259-262
~ Abstracts :: Summaries | Pages 263-272.

Vol. II, 2. 2011  Indigenous Culture & Development  [2900KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, The Perplexity of the Seen
~ Mostafa Kamal Tolba, Conversation-based development
~ Teodora Hasegan, Development, Identity & Heritage. The Sibiu County Ecomuseum
~ Diana Ramazanova, The Soviet Legact and the Future of Language Politics in post-Soviet Kazakhstan
~ Abstracts - Summaries

Vol. II, 1. 2011   The Placebo Effect   [2700KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, The Perplexity of the Unseen
~ Fabrizio Benedetti, The Many Placebo Effects
~ Edzard Ernst, The Ethical Implications of Using Placebo in Clinical Practice
~ Christopher L. Beedie, All in the Mind? Placebo, and Ergogenic Effect of Caffeine in Sport Performance
~ Kurt Gray ~ Daniel M. Wegner, The Sting of Potential Pain
~ John N. Williams, The Ethics of Placebo-controlled Trials in Developing Countries to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
~ Abstracts - Summaries

Vol. I, 2. 2010   Microfinance   [2900KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, Micro What?
~ Anton Simanowitz, Quality Microfinance: Successful Clients and Institutions
~ Malcom Harper, Microfinance and the Preservation of Poverty
~ Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff, Maximising the Effectiveness of Microenterprise Development: the Partnership Option
~ Jonathan H. Westover, The impact of Microfinance Programmes on Poverty Reduction
~ Simona Sapienza, Microfinance Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
~ Anant Jayant Natu, Market Strategy Development and 3rd Generation Microfinance in India
~ Alberto Brugnoni, A Shariah-compliant Microfinance Fund: a Much Needed Tool for the Accomplishment of Islamic Economic's Goals
~ Manoj K. Sharma ~ Graham A.N. Wright, Time to Go back to Basics?
~ Abstracts - Summaries

Vol. I, 1. 2010   Energy & Development   [3700KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, Turya: A Subtle Energy
~ Alessandro Colombo, The Many Futures of Energy
~ Paul Allen, Meeting our 21st Century Challenges
~ Gregor Czisch, The Super-grid
~ Bahareh Seyedi — Minoru Takada
~ Carlo Gubitosa, The Energy we are Eating
~ Simona Sapienza, An Eco-Logic Move
– Andrea Silvestri, Towards the Samart Grid
~ Sven Teske - Thomas Pregger - Sonja Simon - Wina Graus - Christine Lins, Enargy [R]Evolution 2010
~ Abstracts – Summaries

ISSN 1824-7180
Vol. III, 1. 2009   Human Rights & Security    [1800KB]  pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, Human Rights or Human Insights?
~ René Bruin - Kees Wouter, The Right to Seek and Enjoy Asylum Under Siege
~ Simona Sapienza, NGOs and Human Rights
~ Jukka Kumpuvuori - Hisayo Katsui, Disability, Human Rights and Human Security
~ Arlene Goldbard, Human Rights and Culture from Datastan to Storyland
~ Simona Sapienza, Fear & Security
~ Marcus Düwell - Jos Philips, HUman Rights and Correlative Duties
~ Bruce Schneier, Ther Future of Privacy
~ Abstracts - Summaries

  Vol. II, 4. 2008   Consciousness & Development   [2630KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Sahlan Momo, Transformation is Gearing up, Gathering Pace
~ Peter Russel, The Evolution of Consciousness
~ Ervin Laszlo, The Current and Next Evolution of Human Consciousness
~ Amit Goswami, The Coming Paradigm Shift in Science: View from a Quantum Physicist
~ Stanislav Grof, The Current Global Crisi and the Future of Humanity: A Transpersonal Perspective
~ Rupert Sheldrake, The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence
~ Charles Tart, Transpersonal Psycology: A Science of Spirituality
~ Toru Sato, The Gradual Blooming Process of Consciousness
~ Steve McIntosh, Integral Philosophy and the Evolution of Consciousness
~ Christian de Quincey, Beyond the Information Revolution. Self-Transcendence: A Radical New Focus for Business and Economics
~ Riane Eisler, Conscious Evolution: Cultural Transformation and Human Agency
~ John Renesh, A Transformational Approach to a Sustainable Future: Conscious Leadership
~ Walter Baets, A-causality, Consciousness and Organizations
~ Redactional | A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice

Vol. II, 3. 2008   Indigenous Knowledge (IK) & Environment  [1640KB]      pdflogo

~ Editorial | Liam Osbourne, Expirementation, Innovation, Adaptation
~ Nicolas Gorjestani, Indigenous Knowledge. The Way Forward
~ Lebo Mofolo, Recognitions of Land Rights of Indigenous Communities
~ Liam Osbourne, Environmental Refugees. Flee a Changing Planet
~ John Crump, Many Strong Voices: Uniting to Combat Climat Change
~ Liam Osbourne, Adapt or Deseapper
~ Hanna Farzin, Land Alienation. the Struggle of the Baluchi Peapole
~ NewsRoom

Vol. II, 2. 2008   Education & Development. Africa  [1540KB]     pdflogo

~ Editorial | Jasper Schellekens, Education for Action
~ Caroline Figuères, Implementing New Technologies in the South
~ Caroline Vermij, The State of the Matter
~ Lebo Mofolo, Toward Universal Education Worldwide
~ Jan Hylén, Giving Knowledge for Free
~ NewsRoom

Vol. II, 1. 2008   Hunger. A Clima(c)tic Perspective  [1015KB]     pdflogo

~ Editorial | Jasper Schellekens, Sleeping with Hunger
~ Redactional | What is Hunger?
~ Caroline Vermij, Global Mobilization against Hunger
~ T.V. Padma, Can Crops be Climate-Proofed?
~ Sara Husseini, Unveling Hunger. The Humanitarian Situation in the Palestinian Territories
~ Redactional | Suggested Solutions to Hunger Reduction
~ NewsRoom

Vol. I, 4. 2007    Death Penality   [1015KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Jasper Schellekens, Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Punishmen
~ Sergio D'Elia, Calling for a Moratorium on Death  Penality
~ Lorybelle C. Castillo, Moving Towards a Death Penalty-Free World
~ Sherifa Fuller, I am in Favour of Death Penalty
~ Howard Mints, Justice to Weigh Lethal Injection
~ Anuradha Kher, Guarded Optimism for Moaratorium Vote
~ NewsRoom

Vol. I, 3. 2007    Gender   [1015KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Jasper Shellekens, Girls Play with Cars and Boys with Dolls
~ Joyce Outshoorn, On Woman and Development
~ Makiko Hiromi, Feminist Ethics. A New Morality?
~ Sara Husseini, The Hijâb, Do Traditions Hinder Women in Modern Society?
~ Celia H. Thorhein, Where Women Grow. Empowering Women Through the Third Sector
~ Redactional | Summer Interns
~ NewsRoom

Vol. I, 2. 2007    WaterWise   [1400KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Cintia Taylor, A Privilege Called Water
~ Richard Megangck, Water Wise: Education is the Solution
~ Yuri J.P. Schutte, Irrigating Stability
~ Andreja Zulim, EU Approach to Water Mangement
~ Redactional | Andrea Zulim
~ NewsRoom

Vol. I, 1. 2007    Multicultural Youth   [920KB]   pdflogo

~ Editorial | Cintia Taylor, Challenges of a Generation
~ Anne Spechard, Uncovering the Roots of Terrorism
~ Thair Abbas, Muslim Youth: Paving the Way for the Future
~ Cintia Taylor, Islamophobia Between Young Paople
~ Redactional | Jasper  Schellekens
~ NewsRoom


T H E   S P A N D A   M O N I T O R
Monthly   ::   ISSN 2352-7757 [print] | 2352-7765 [online]
Editor-in-Chief, Sahlan Momo
The following issue are available here online


Editor, Denny Vissaro
~ Solar Energy for the Mapuche Communities, V(11), 2015

Editor, Luca P. Cirillo
~ Dependent Media, V(1), 2015
~ Biobanks, IV(8), 2014
~ Climate & Culture, IV (7), 2014
~ Unfair Trade, IV(6), 2014

~ Drawing Human Rights, IV(5), 2014
~ Migration and Identity, IV(4), 2014
~ Banking Human Rights, IV(3), 2014

~ Big Data: Security & Privacy, IV(2), 2014
~ Close End & Open Source, IV(1), 2014

Editor, Simona Spaienza
~ Spanda at the 57th UN Women Commission, III(7), 2012

~ Green Building; Int.l Development Bonds; Eco-profit, III(6) 2012
~ Global Finance; Biticons, III(5) 2012
~ Youth employment; Transparency and Corruption, III(4), 2012
~ New Wind of the UN; Extending Copyrights to 95 Years? III(3), 2012
~ Financial Cities & Financial Crisis: London, III(2), 2012
~ Spanda at the UN ECOSOC; The Role of Playing, III(1), 2012
~ The Right to Informaion, II(8), 2011
~ Land Grabbing; Referenda and Markets dont't Mix, II(7), 2011
~ Miscellanea, II(6), 2011

~ Miscellanea, II(5), 2011
~ Miscellanea, II(4), 2011
~ Miscellanea, II(3), 2011

~ Miscellanea, II(2), 2011

~ Miscellanea, II(1), 2011

~ Miscellanea, I(4), 2010

~ Bio-bank Seeks Europe-Africa Cooperation; I(3), 2010

~ Miscellanea, I(2), 2010

~ Miscellanea, I(1), 2010


S P A N D A    P A P E R S

Spanda Collection of essays and technical reports
to serve as reference works for her projects

Proceedings of the Jubilo International Launch Conference,
Momo S. (ed), Akgündüz A., de Jong D., Ernst C., Norder M., Reedijk R. Scattolin G., Soetendorp A., Wijsen F., Zijdervel A.C.
(The Hague: Spanda, 2007). 

Tea for Peace. Marriage, Sexuality, Food, War and Death in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A Comparative Approach.
Momo S. (ed),
A comparative analysis on relevant topics in the intercultural and interfaith dialogue from the official standpoint of their constituents.

The Hague: Spanda, 2010-2012. ISBN 9788877781253

~  Marriage, James Jopling, Nykol O'Shea, Xi Jin (Introduction - Adultery - Divorce - Co-habitation - Interfaith marriage - Same-sex marriage - Polygamy - Contraception - Fertility - Conclusion - Further reading).   [672KB]    pdflogo
~   Sexuality, Xi Jin, Nykol O'Shea (Introduction - Sexual health - Sexual education - Teenage sex - Chastity - Fornication and casual sex - Sexual explicit material and masturbation - Sexual identity - Conclusion - Further reading).   [664KB]     pdflogo
~   Food
, Rachel Bronstein, Luca Costa, Xi Jin, Martin Lakuska, Natalia Ondruskova, Nykol O'Shea, Ekaterina Voynova (Introduction - Food symbolism - Food prohibition - Gender and food - Food preparation rituals - Hand washing - Mealtime prayer - Fasting - Food & health - God's pharmacy - Conclusion - Further reading - Glossary).   [942KB]     pdflogo
~   War, Rachel Bronstein, Luca Costa, Sheila Eckert, Xi Jin, Manuel Nuñez, Nykol O'Shea (Introduction - Sacred text and war - Just war - Holy wars - Interfaith conflicts - Intrafaith conflicts - Conflict resolution & transformation - Conclusion - Further reading - Glossary).   [918KB]     pdflogo
~   Death, Rachel Bronstein, Luca Costa, Sheila Eckert, Xi Jin, Manuel Nuñez (Introduction - The approach to Death in Sacred texts - Life cycle - Abortion - Euthanasia - Suicide - Death penalty - Organ donation - Funeral rites - Grief and mourning - Afterlife - Conclusion - Further reading - Glossary).   [946KB]    pdflogo

Movig On. Sierra Leone Report 2009,
Momo S. (ed), Bentley R., Chen P., Gérard B., Martin Gómez P., Newson J.
Examining chmmenges to the Development in Sierra Leone.
(The Hague: Spanda, 2010). ISBN 9788877781260. [3.3MB]    pdflogo

Post-conflict Action & Microfinance in Sierra Leone,
Momo S. (ed), Costa L., Letho M., Manzi S., Rebakis J.
Reconstructing communities through microfinance.
(The Hague: Spanda, 2011).
ISBN 9788877781277. [860KB]    pdflogo

Compare. Practices & Results of a Selection of Solar Power/Microfinance Projects in West Africa,
Momo S. (ed), Afi Akorli R-F., Amies J., Fedorev A., Keli N., Letho M., Poller B., Shin D H.
Promoting Development in poor communities by sel-sufficient and sustaining activities.
(The Hague: Spanda, 2011).ISBN 9788877781284. [1.1MB]

A Mantra for a Green Earth. Preliminary TBL Forecast Impact,
Momo S. (ed), Breman J., Carretti E., Cingarella J., Mariana A.
Understanding the benfits of combining financial and energy aid in Sierra Leone.
The Hague: Spanda, 2011).ISBN 9788877781307. [963KB]     pdflogo

Human Rights, Microfinance & Going Green in Sierra Leone. Opportunities and Challenges within an Evolving International Policy Environment
Momo S. (ed), Trook H.
Opportunities and challenges within an evolving international policy environment. (The Hague: Spanda 2011).
ISBN 9788877781345  [1.1MB]    pdflogo

Social & Political Perspectives on Microfinance. Sierra Leone,
Momo S. (ed), Sutton S.
Breaking the cycle of political and economic marginalisation.

(The Hague: Spanda 2012). ISBN 9788877781383   [758KB]      pdflogo

Green Microfinance & Sustainable Agriculture in Sierra Leone,
Momo S. (ed), Ramazanova D., Kasyanova N., Christensen B.M.M.
New perspectives and synergic actions.
(The Hague: Spanda 2013). ISBN 978877781406

On the Move. Unaccompanied Foreign Minors in the European Union,
Momo S. (ed), Del Vecchio I., Fagnoni G., Polakovic P., Stelzig M.
The publication examines and brings to light dissimilarities, lack of homogeneity, and inconsistent criteria in data collection among EU members states, the EU institutions, IOM, UNHCR and other actors of the area. It details the applied methodologies for each player and shows that there is potential to make the overall data collection more consistent and effective. The report offers the inspiration of identified good practices and provides guidance on how a unitary policy can intervene, urging all players to set off a common methodology and reach a customary perspectives to improve unaccompanied foreign minors conditions across the European Union.
(The Hague: Spanda 2014). ISBN 978877781437

Human Rights in Transitional Times. Education, Economics, Indigenous People, Migration.
Momo S. (ed), Angiulli A.A., Di Donato F., Hess B., Toraldo S., Yanat M.
The publication portraies the current state of Human Rights law in the fields of Educations, Economics, Indigenous Peolple, and Migration and provides the necessary integrations to the international law to comply with the actual situation on the gound.
(The Hague: Spanda 2015). ISBN 978877781505


International  Journal  of  Ethnomusicological  Studies
Four-monthly peer-reviewed journal   ::   ISSN 1824-7199.


[1, I, 1]  ~   Music & Ritual, ed. Keith Howard

Keith Howard and Yarjung Kromchai ~ Tamu with Simon Mills, Ritual, Music and Life in Tamu Shamanism
Carole Pegg, Tuning in to Place: Emergent Personhood in a Multi-sensory Khakas Shamanic Ritual
Byron Dueck, 'Suddenly a Sense of Being a Community': Aboriginal Square Dancing and the Experience of Collectivity
Diane Thram, Music and Healing: Sites of Power in the Rituals of Xhosa healers/Diviners and the Zion Church in South Africa
Mark Hobart, Damp Dreams: Some Problems with Dance in Bali
Margaret Kartomi, Aceh's Body Percussion; From Ritual Devotional to Global Niveau
Cheng Yu, China's Xi'an Guye: Ritual and Performance Contexts
Lam Ching-Wah, Recreating music and Dance in Confucian Rituals
Tony Langlois, Representations of Ritual in Moroccan Music Video
Anne Caufriez, Female Poliphony and Ritual for Cereal Growth in North Portugal
ISBN 9788877780867 ~ With CD ~ € 25 | £ 18 | $ 32


[2, I, 2]  ~  Sounds of Identity. The Music of the Afro-Asians,
ed. Shihan De Silva Jayasuriya

Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy, From Sufi Shrines to the World Stage: Sidi African Indian Music, Intervention and the Quest for 'Authenticity'
Shihan De Silva Jayasuriya, Music and Memories: Oral Traditions from and Indian Ocean Island
Aisha Bilkhair Khalifa, Spirit Possession and its Practices in Dubai (UAE)
Leila Ingrams, African Connections in Yemeni Music
Gaila Sabar ~ Shlomit Kanari, Between the Local and the Global: African Musicians in Israel
Ali Jihad Racy, The Life History of the Lyre: The Tanburah of the Gulf Region
ISBN 9788877780928 ~ € 25 | £ 18 | $ 32


[3, II, 1]  ~  Networks & Islands. World Music & Dance Education,
ed. Ninja Kors

Ninja Kors, Islands, Networks and Webs: Current Issues in Today's Debate
Huib Schippers, A Synergy of Contradictions: The Genesis of a World Music & Dance Centre
Keith Howard, Performing Ethnomusicology: Exploring How Teaching Performance Undermines the Ethnomusicologist Within University Music Training
Patrica Campbell, Ethnomusicology, Education and World Music Pedagogy: Across the Pond
Mark Slobin, The Wesleyan Way: World Music in an American Academic Structure
Michelle Boss Barba ~ Amanda Soto, Enriching or Endangering: Exploring the Positive and Negative Effects of Recontextualizing Mariachi Music for Use in K-12 Schools
Lee Higgins, Participation, the Workshop, and the Welcome
Laurien Saraber, Negotiating Dutch Dance: The Changing Landscape of Dance in The Netherlands
ISBN 978-88-7778-095-9 ~ € 25 | £ 18 | $ 32


 [4, II, 2]  ~ Analysing East Asian Music. Patterns of Rhythm and Melody, ed. Simon MIlls

Jane Alaszewska, Two Different Beats to a Single Drum: An Analysis of Old and New Stiles of Hachijo-Daiko
Stephen Jones, Living Early Composition: An Apppreciationj of Chinese Shawn Melody
Eleni Kallimopoulou ~ Federico Spinetti, An Analysis of the Uyghur on Ikki Muqam: Aspects of Melody and Form in the Segha Suite
Simon Mills, Playful Patterns of Freedom: Hand Gong Performance in Korean Shaman Ritual
ISBN 978-88-7778-104-8 With DVD ~ € 25 | £ 18 | $ 32


 [5/6, III, 1]  ~ Sacred Singing and Musical Sprituality, eds. Ian Russell and Frances Wilkins

Fiorella Montero Diaz, Danza de Tijeras through Modernity and Migration.
Nicholas Ng, ‘I love the starry sky at night-time’: Singing and Signing in the Buddha’s Light International Association, Sydney.
Richard Widdess, Dapa: Dancing Gods, Virtual Pilgrimage and Sacred Singing in Bhaktapur, Nepa.l
Davide Torri, Shamanic Traditions and Music Among the Yolmos of Nepal.
Simone Tarsitani, Melodic Analysis of the Performance of Islamic Hymns in Harar, Ethiopia.
Emmanula Kavvadia, Aspects of Stylistic and Musical Diversity in Religious Music in Two Jewish Communities in Greece.
Marin Marian-Balasa, The Musical Experience of the Sacred and the Concept of Hierophoany.
Mary Low, Singing Prayers in Secret: The Gaelic Hymn Rann Roimh Urnaigh (rune before prayer) and its Introductory Note.
Ian Russell, Between the Sacred and the Secular: Vernacular Performance in a North-East Scottish Coastal Community.
Frances Wilkins, Percenter-led Praise in Northern Scottish Congregations.
Sara M. Ross, How Does one Sing to a God who isn’t the Lord? Sacred Singing in American-Jewish Feminism.

ISBN 978-88-7778-105-5 ~ € 25 | £ 18 | $ 32


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